Industry leading investor portal features investor portal features a variety of industry leading investor portal options, and all of them are out-of-the box, with no costly implementation project. As one of the most sophisticated and newest offerings in the market: Our software goes live with our ‘nearly famous’ 24-hour rollout, so you can go live in a day. Stop wasting your time and treasure – you’ve found the best investor portal on the planet, so join us in the land of investor relations bliss. Selected investor portal features of our industry leading software LICENSE / LICENSING UNLIMITED STORAGE AND AMOUNT OF FILES LARGE FILE SUPPORT / SPLIT SELF HOSTED/ON PREMISES OR CLOUD GLOBAL SCALABILITY CDN SUPPORT MAINTENANCE AND SUPPORT AVAILABLE UPDATES INCLUDED CLIENTS offers a variety of clients to access our solutions. Of course, you can use any browser from any device, but we also maintain desktop clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux. In addition, we offer iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile applications. If a user leaves the fold, you are able to wipe our applications off their devices. MOBILE CLIENTS FOR ANDROID, IPHONE, WINDOWS QR CODE DEVICE AUTHENTICATION MOBILE WIPE FOR DELISTED USERS AUTO UPLOAD IMAGES/VIDEO/OTHER FILES DESKTOP CLIENTS AVAILABLE EXTENSIBLE WITH APP STORE (200+ APPS) OUTLOOK INTEGRATION SERVER FEATURES UNIFIED SEARCH ENGINE FILE VERSIONING FILE LOCKING/CHECKOUT MULTIPLE LINK SHARES FILE SHARING NOTES USER CONFIGURABLE DASHBOARD VIEW PDF, IMAGES, VIDEO, GALLERY INTEGRATED AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT CHAT INTEGRATED GROUPWARE(CALENDAR/CONTACTS/MAIL/KANBAN) MOBILE CALENDAR/CONTACT INTEGRATION ONLINE OFFICE WEB / MOBILE APPS FILE DROP (CUSTOMER FILE UPLOAD) VIDEO VERIFICATION INTER-SERVER SHARING WORKSPACES ACCESSIBILITY KEYBOARD/SCREEN READER SUPPORT WCAG 2.1 SUPPORT DYSLEXIA-FRIENDLY FONT ADMIN FEATURES ACCESS CONTROL LISTS CONTENT WORKFLOW AUTOMATION AUTOMATIC SCRIPT EXECUTION IMPERSONATE USERS REAL TIME NOTIFICATIONS Push and email (Mobile, desktop, web, and email) MONITORING WEB/API INTERFACE DATA RETENTION POLICY SUPPORT LONG TERM SUPPORT (5-10 YEARS) BRANDING Fully white label Logo, colors, etc. COMPLIANCE FEATURES FULL AUDIT TRAIL IMPRINT AND PRIVACY LINKS BUILT IN DATA-REQUEST/ACCOUNT DELETION TERMS-OF-SERVICE SECURITY FEATURES SERVER-SIDE ENCRYPTION CLIENT-SIDE ENCRYPTION VIDEO VERIFICATION BRUTE FORCE HACKING PROTECTION NIST COMPLIANT PASSWORD POLICY WEB UI SECURED WITH CSP 3.0 WITH SAME-SITE COOKIE ATTRIBUTE FILE ACCESS CONTROL APP ACCESS RIGHTS AUTHENTICATION ENFORCABLE 2-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION ML BASED SUSPICIOUS LOGIN DETECTION LDAP/AD NATIVE SAML AUTH VIA ENV VARIABLE KERBEROS STORAGE FILE STORAGE (LOCAL/NFS) OBJECT STORAGE (S3/SWIFT) CIFS/WINDOWS SHARES SHAREPOINT EXTENSIBLE STORAGE Hey, you made it this far! If you don’t see the investor portal features you are looking for, remember that we are open source, and you can contribute to them yourself, or contact us about the features you’re looking for and we can include them in your purchase. Looking for something more custom? Check out our bespoke solutions at PORTAL.BLACK.

Ideas and relationships come to life

Your investor relations software collaboration team is multi-faceted, with unique needs for reporting, analysis, sharing, and consumption. Insights.Land gives people a flexible and unique portal to get the information important to them. True collaboration in investor relations and in general in alternative investment firms and the legal and IR teams of public companies is hard. You have to deal with legal – not just yours but your shareholders as well. – is a true collaboration engine. You can think of it like the operating system of your firm or fund or team. What we have put together is truly revolutionary. is a suite of software designed to automate every aspect of your business at an affordable price. You can be up and running in just one day’s time. Why spend money tracking down 10 different solutions from 10 different vendors when you can have all of it live in one day? There has never been a platform as a service (PaaS) like, and we’d be happy to walk you through our software today or anytime in the future and encourage you to scroll all the way down and download our product brochure. Whether you’re using all of our solutions or just one of them – you’ll find to be exactly what you need at a price you can afford to finally, be happy with your software provider.

Virtual investor relations solutions for today

Today’s investor relations solutions need to meet the new challenges that we all face in IR. Working from home, unable to meet with investors face to face like we used to, and working more virtually than ever. helps not only meet these challenges, but offers investor relations bliss. Our investor relations solutions, file sharing, and investor collaboration tools are best in class, 1st in quality, secure, and up and running in 24 hours or less. offers the best features of any investor reporting software on the market. It is the newest offering in the market, and is the world’s first fully SaaS, cloud-based, enterprise investor relations software. You will love using it, and your investors will love having true insight and input into their investments and their relationship with your team.